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We offer you access to more than 4000 resorts worldwide - from North and South America, across the globe to the South Pacific and Australia in luxury resorts featuring self-catering units typically larger and more comfortable than traditional hotels


Australasia offers a unique blend of timeless landscapes, ancient cultures and dramatic scenery. Relax in the warm, turquoise waters and pristine beaches of the South Pacific Islands with their great climate, charming people and enough natural beauty to last a lifetime.

Nature lovers and adventurers alike are drawn to explore the dramatic snow-capped peaks and secluded coves of New Zealand. Or experience the endless red deserts and coastlines of Australia with its warm sunshine, friendly people, lively cities and picturesque landscapes.

So journey down under and experience this inspiring continent's laidback lifestyle.

Australasia has approximately 469 resorts across the above countries.


For centuries, travellers have been flocking to Asia to experience the enthralling history, timeless mythologies and colourful diversity of this exotic destination.

Despite the high population of this region, there are still vast areas of secluded forests and wide expanses of unmatched natural beauty to be explored. Whether it's the steamy rainforests of Malaysia or the bright lights of Hong Kong, Asia is a place to escape and revive your sense of adventure.

Asia has approximately 547 resorts across the above countries.


Europe, with its iconic cities, famous sights, epic mountain vistas, lush emerald fields and charming Mediterranean coastlines is the world's most visited destination.

A joy to navigate, travellers can ride the rails between sunny beaches, hallowed cathedrals and picturesque vineyards or simply cruise between countries on Europe's many waterways.

Steeped in deep history, contemporary Europe offers the ideal mix of rich cultural heritage with modern experiences and cuisine to tempt and excite any palate. Experience Europe and see for yourself why it deserves its place amongst the world's most worthwhile travel destinations.

Europe has approximately 1 008 resorts across the above countries.

The Americas

North America is big, bold and overflowing with surprises. Explore massive metropolises, riveting canyons and man-made marvels of the USA or experience the bountiful snowfields and cosmopolitan cities in Canada.

Ancient cultures, spicy food and warm people abound in vibrant Mexico or soak up the sun amid the rainforests and tranquil beaches of the Caribbean.

Further south, the countries of Central and South America are colourful, candid and beat to the rhythm of an infectious drum, pulsing with the energy of a thousand fiestas.

The Americas have approximately 3 147 resorts across the above countries.

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